Sales Manager

Hainesville, North Chicago, West Hartford
Posted 3 years ago

Sales Manager

Estimator Job Description


  • To effectively convert prospective clients into customers.
  • To prepare estimates to enable the shop to achieve the profit benchmarks.
  • To prepare estimates in an accurate and thorough manner so production department has a detailed blueprint of the repairs.

Desirable Characteristics

Skill Set

  • Computer proficiency.
  • Oral and written communication skills.
  • Organization skills.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Selling skills.
  • Negotiating skills.

Personality Characteristics

  • Outgoing, upbeat.
  • Pleasant appearance.
  • Can read people.

The sales manager’s position involves a great deal of contact with the public. For this reason, the sales manager should be friendly, accommodating, cheerful, well-groomed, outgoing, and able to get along well with people. These qualities are essential to achieving an acceptable closing ratio.


  1. Greet each customer in a cheerful, positive manner. Make every effort to make the customer feel comfortable and welcome during the sales estimate process, or when visiting the shop.
  2. Educate the customer about the process of getting the vehicle repaired, including insurance procedures, motorist’s bill of rights, repair techniques, safety, value, etc.
  3. Assertively inform customer that you feel your shop is the best place for them to have their vehicle repaired and you sincerely want their business.
  4. Maintain appropriate dress code that characterizes professionalism and trust.
  5. Execute follow up system on estimates and completed jobs. Customer dissatisfaction issues should be dealt with swiftly and effectively.
  6. Prepare all estimates in an accurate and efficient manner, keep in mind the estimate will be the blueprint for the repairs. Accuracy and detail cannot be overstressed. Include every task on the estimate weather it is a paid function or not.
  7. Observe guidelines for processing an order (entire administrative process).
  8. Monitor and maintain company sales performance standards and sales goals, and post results each day to the Sales/Production list.
  9. Continually work toward improving your sales skills, knowledge and strategies in order to increase traffic and closing ratio.
  10. Diligently negotiate an agreed price on every job that insures the company’s ability to earn a profit. Make certain to negotiate the agreed price prior to initiating the repairs.
  11. Verify all signatures, work authorizations, power of attorney, and vehicle is checked in before initiating repair process.
  12. Document all special information (i.e. conversations, etc.) on the job. Make notes as detailed as possible.
  13. Order parts via fax or e-mail, pay close attention to vendors to maximize profitability in the parts department.
  14. Review all final bills and supplemental billings for accuracy, and thoroughly check the final repairs prior to delivery to the customer.
  15. Develop and maintain an ongoing campaign to capture fleet/Insurance accounts/referrals, and to boost customer awareness.
  16. Attend daily release meetings, review current status of sales and production, and plan daily, weekly, and monthly strategies to boost performance.
  17. Resell repairs with customer at delivery.
  18. Follow procedures for two day calls (weekly).

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