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Posted 4 years ago

General Manager

Job Description

  • To direct and lead the company and its staff.
  • To establish and maintain company targets and standards for performance and growth.

This job description was prepared based on the assumption that the individual holding this position has a great deal of ability and expertise in the autobody trade.  Some of the information contained in the other job descriptions.  It is advisable for the general manager to read and understand this entire manual.

Overview of Responsibilities

  • Establish Company Standards
  • Monitor Company Performance
  • Identify & Improve Low Performance Areas
  • Supervise Sales, Production & Administration

Establish Company Standards

  • Establish Company Net Profit Standards
  • Establish Company Batting Average Standard
  • Establish Estimate/Sales Targets
  • Establish Department Profit Margins
  • Establishing Production Goals
  • Establish Overhead Budget

Monitor Company Performance

After establishing the objectives in the previous section, the next logical step is to follow up with periodic review and evaluation.  The review of much of the information listed in this section can be monitored using the Sales/Production Charts. This chart keeps much of the information accurately and in a visible format so the data can be reviewed on a daily basis.

  • Monitor Dollar Amount of Estimates Written
  • Monitor Estimates Batting Average
  • Monitor Dollar Amount of Jobs Signed
  • Monitor Closed Jobs & Gross Profits
  • Monitor Production Department Output
  • Monitor Overhead Expenses
  • Monitor Repair Quality
  • Monitor Net Profit

Identify & Improve Low Performance

  • Employee Performance
  • Cost Center or Department Performance
  • Vehicle Repair Performance
  • Insurance Company Performance
  • Vendor Performance
  • Procedures

Recruit, Monitor & Develop Employees

Employee recruitment, training and evaluation are all core functions of the general manager.  The Standard Manual For Supervisors published by Prentice Hall is an excellent reference book on people management, which helps eliminate a lot of doubt from the decision-making process.  The manual can be obtained by calling (800) 243-0876.

  • Employee Recruiting
  • Employee/Company Reviews
  • Training Employees
  • Daily Performance Review

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