Customer Service Representative

Hainesville, West Hartford
Posted 4 years ago

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Job Description




  • To ensure that all customers and prospective clients are greeted and assisted in a prompt and professional manner, superior to the competition.


  • To effectively manage all incoming phone calls, walk-in business and written correspondence, and direct such matters to the appropriate person or department.


  • To provide clerical and administrative support to the administrative and sales departments


Range of Duties


Depending on skill level and ability, the CSR’s duties can range from Front Desk Person, Claims Processor, Switchboard Operator, Dispatcher, Data Entry Clerk, Scheduler and Sales Assistant to Customer Service Representative.  Receptionist is hardly a suitable title for the typical front desk person in today’s modern bodyshop.


Typically, the CSR is the first person a customer or prospective client comes in contact with, so it is extremely important for the person to be well-suited for the job.  A cheerful, helpful attitude is essential.  Phone technique should be of a high standard and include well-rehearsed, professional scripts.  This person should also be well-groomed and dress appropriately for the position.  All of these characteristics contribute to making a good impression with the customers, which ultimately leads to increased sales.  Ordinarily, when a prospective customer enters your place of business, there is about a two-minute window of opportunity when that person, either consciously or unconsciously makes up their mind about whether or not they intend to do business with you.


Receptionist- Customer Service Responsibilities


  1. Take full responsibility for handling all incoming phone traffic in a courteous and polite manner. Always try to answer incoming calls on the first or second ring.  Never leave a customer on hold for more than two minutes.  Memorize and use the phone scripts provided.
  2. Establish the purpose of incoming calls; question the caller and handle as many of the questions and situations as possible. Forward calls to the appropriate staff member, whenever necessary.  If the appropriate person is unavailable to take the call, prepare a written note to relay the message.  This prevents a great deal of time lost to interruptions.
  3. Greet persons visiting your company, immediately upon entering the office. If you are on the phone, look up and make eye contact with the person and give and indication or gesture that you’ll just be a moment.  This initial greeting is extremely important.
  4. Provide all prospective customers with the Customer Information Form. Notify the sales manager/estimator of the customer’s needs, then enter all the information into the computer.  This helps to expedite the estimating process and allows the sales manager/estimator to concentrate on satisfying the customer’s needs and expectations.
  5. Suggest estimate appointments whenever possible but don’t turn anyone away if they don’t have an appointment. Even if the customer doesn’t have an appointment, every effort should be made to assist the customer immediately.  Keep a calendar log of all estimate appointments.
  6. When a customer calls inquiring about a job in process, try to answer any questions yourself or, if necessary, contact the production manager or the sales manager or additional information.
  7. Take full responsibility for the scheduling of all repairs.
  8. Each morning, review the list of vehicles in process and contact the appropriate customers with an update on the status of their vehicle. It’s important to call the customer before they call you.  Prompt action on your part will have a tremendous impact on customer satisfaction.
  9. If the customer has a problem or a complaint, try and handle the situation yourself, but if you need assistance, contact the appropriate person.
  10. Regularly review the jobs in process and verify that payment has been arranged prior to the delivery of the vehicle. Do not release any vehicle without full payment unless prior arrangements have been made.
  11. When customers arrive top pick up their vehicle, take a few moments to explain the items contained in their paper work packet.
  12. Before accepting payment for the job, take a few moments to explain the billing to the customer. After you have collected payment, mark the appropriate information on the Job File Jacket.  Verify that payment is correct and that it complies with company policy, and then mark the invoice PAID, and give the top copy to the customer.
  13. Make every effort to ensure that all customers and prospective clients are treated in a manner that makes them feel comfortable and important. Reassure them of your desire to help them and let them know that you value their trust and business.

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